Google Buys One Net Marketing’s Client Wildfire Interactive for $250 Million

Google Buys One Net Marketing’s Client Wildfire Interactive for $250 Million

Nicole Sorochan

We are very happy to report that Google has bought our client Wildfire Interactive this week for $250 million.

Wildfire Interactive offers a powerful suite of social marketing software designed to help grow, manage, and measure your social audience.

With Wildfire, brands can create more meaningful interactions with consumers—including interactive contests, compelling ads, content, videos, and sponsorships.

Last month, we created the official launch video and designed the video player for Wildfire’s new integrated social marketing suite.

You can view our video work for Wildfire here.

For digital marketers, Google’s acquisition of Wildfire is great news. Already, Wildfire has helped businesses better understand and benefit from social channels. We can’t wait to see what this new Google-Wildfire power combo will produce.

Wildfire is truly an awesome product and incredible client to work for. If you haven’t started using Wildfire to manage and grow your social audience, you are missing out!

Here’s the video One Net Marketing created for Wildfire, giving a tour of their innovative content tools, enterprise management, and detailed social media analytics.

A few nice words from Wildfire

And finally, here are the nice things Wildfire said about working with One Net Marketing on the new video and launch:

“Wow.  You guys were incredibly nimble and you REALLY impressed the Wildfire team with how professional and graceful you were to work with, and how quickly you pulled the demo together. It looks awesome and I feel proud to have recommend you!”

—Emily Eberhard Pereira, Director of Marketing Communications at Wildfire by Google