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One Net Launches The Genius of Caring

On Monday, September 8, 2014, The Genius of Marian, a documentary film conceived, produced and directed by San Francisco artist and long time One Net friend, Banker White along with his Emmy award-winning partner Anna Fitch, had its broadcast premiere on PBS as a part of POV (Point of View), American television’s longest-running independent documentary […]

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Messaging Vs SEO: The Battle for the H1

Irresistible headlines are your only chance to lure an audience. Short attention spans mean H1 territory is hallowed ground. So, does that mean you should stuff your H1 tags with keywords in a desperate attempt to scramble to the top of the SERP heap? Or is better to pour your energy into crafting clever and unique messaging designed […]

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Is Weird Al the Best Content Marketer on the PLANET?

Weird Al just might be the best content marketer on the PLANET. And we got the jokes to prove it. My first memory of Weird Al was his 1993 Alapalooza album, which I saw in Walmart. My friend picked it up and handed it to me, laughing. It showed Al’s silhouette mirroring the iconic T-Rex […]

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Building a Digital Loyalty Program: An Interview with RewardMe

Digital loyalty programs are booming. According to Aite Group LLC, roughly 900 million transactions will be conducted with cards connected to merchant loyalty programs by 2015, generating $1.7 billion in revenue for the providers. That’s a massive increase compared to the $300 million generated in 2011.

RewardMe, a digital rewards program for restaurants and retailers, sat down with us to offer some expert advice about building digital loyalty.

If you’re in the planning stages of a rewards program, or struggling to get a rewards program off the ground, this insightful interview is a must-read !

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Track Paying Subscribers Back to Keywords and Campaigns

If you run a SaaS company, or a subscription site, you’ll know that it’s nearly impossible to track your paid subscribers back to the referring keyword or ad campaign. With standard Google Analytics tracking you can only track the sign up — the form submit that starts your customers into their free trial.

Google Analytics is incapable of identifying when your free trial customer converts to a paying subscriber at the end of their 30 day free trial. While you can use the Google Adwords Offline Converison Tracking tool to import your paid subscriber data into Adwords this data will not be pulled into Analytics. This makes it impossible to identify the referring keyword / campaigns and view your “free-to-paid” conversion funnel in Google Analytics for customers that complete their free trial and upgrade to paying subscribers.

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