How tailored videos bolstered enterprise sales

AppLovin makes a business out of tailored mobile advertising solutions. We show you how.

Mobile has the fastest adoption of any new medium, ever. But advertisers continue to struggle to communicate effectively with their customers on mobile; when we’re talking about 1.4 billion users, this becomes a real problem (or, a real opportunity). AppLovin’s targeted ad-tech solutions are designed to engage meaningfully with users, delivering content that is relevant to their online activity.Conveying marketing solutions clearly and succinctly can be tricky business. That’s why AppLovin recognized the need to use video as part of their overall communications strategy – both crafting videos specifically for pitching, and, more generally, as a way to communicate their business.


Have you ever wanted to arrive at an important pitch with a little extra horsepower in your back pocket? Applovin was preparing to demonstrate their platform to a high-profile mobile game developer and wanted to add a Wow! factor to the presentation. We created a tailored pitch video for them that incorporated characters from the prospective partner’s game – with a few clever cameos from characters from their competitors’ game too – to add a chuckle and demonstrate the power of what Applovin offers their advertisers.  – a top game developer – to become part of their network.

There was another time when Applovin was set to present their platform at a conference for casino developers and advertisers. The Applovin team’s slot (no pun intended) happen to fall at the end of a long day of presentations, and the crowd was weary. At 4 oclock the Applovin CEO walked onstage to deliver his speech. Instead, he pressed play on the humorous casino-themed video we created. The audience perked up. People were laughing. We’d done our job!

Applovin also wanted a video that would live on their website that explained how their product worked. We created a Sizzle video that places the viewer in a mobile user’s living room, in a ‘before and after’ style format, where a woman’s ambivalence to random ads becomes active engagement with targeted ads, thanks to AppLovin.

We touched on the all-too-familiar pain points of mobile advertising, like irritating popups and lifestyle mismatches, revealing how AppLovin identifies users based on their online behavior to deliver content that will appeal rather than annoy. Animated infographics were employed to detail how AppLovin’s low-cost solutions and sophisticated attribution deliver effective advertising with increased ROI/ROAS.